MIT 6.470 Overview

The Basics

MIT 6.470 is a web programming class and competition that takes place over the IAP period at MIT. We are student-run with generous support from professors, administrators, and external sponsors. This is our 5th year running the competition. We've made huge strides from the first time that 6.470 was run and look to make it even bigger and better this year.

Mission Statement

Our #1 goal is to teach students how to build a dynamic database-backed website from the ground up. Building a website requires understanding and utilizing a variety of technologies. While we're certain everyone at MIT has what it takes to understand and navigate the space, doing so can be a long and tedious process. We streamline the process, by teaching the core essentials and pointing out where advanced technologies fit into the mix.

We also aim to make 6.470 accessible to as wide a variety of students as possible (including those with limited or no programming experience). There are many components of a website that don't require hardcore programming experience, e.g. graphic design, UI/UX, SEO, etc. Non-programmers are often times just as good, if not better at these areas. Some of the better 6.470 teams have successfully matched talents in such ways to achieve success. A very important skill is knowing where your time is best allocated. This is especially true in web programming. It is one of our goals to show you the ropes of how to use the right resources and proper planning to maximize your efforts.

Sponsor Involvement

Our sponsors are an incredible and integral part of 6.470. Not only do they provide the funding for this event to even take place at the scale that it does, but they offer their time and expertise. In the past we've had sponsors give guest lectures, provide technological support, and judge entries. Furthermore, doing well at 6.470 can help lead to a job or internship at one of our fine sponsors!